Company Providing Loft Conversion Specialists in York

York, Loft My Pad is providing professional services to the people of York to make their empty loft useful and beautiful.

Loft My Pad  offers a vast variety of loft extensions to choose from, people can choose the best style according to their preference. The company is best known to enhance the loft by converting it into a habitable living space. They cover Harrogate, Leeds, hull, and Beverly and have successfully completed many loft conversion and loft extension projects.

According to Loft My Pad , converting the loft and extending it will not only increase the beauty of your house but also provide you an extra living space which can be used for several purposes i.e. Gym, Bedroom, Guest Room and etcetera. The procedure to have a loft extension is much easier in practice than it might look, as the company will first send you a loft conversion quote and once approved will then send a specialist to inspect your house.

To get started, they need planning permission and building regulations from you to alter the existing roof line and extend it. To ensure a quality output to their clients, they do not begin the work unless the architect has approved the plans.

The company offers different types of dormers so you can get the desired look easily, the types are:

  • Mansard: They are generally preferred by local authorities within town centres on Georgian or Victorian style houses.

  • Real dormer: They are box-like in appearance and helpful in maximizing the space.

  • Shed Dormer:  They are similar to real dormer but have a sloped and tiled roof, they are mostly preferred on single storey properties allowing them to blend into its surroundings.

  • Eyebrow Dormer: They have a low upward curve, just like an eyebrow and have no side walls.

  • Gable/Hipped Dormer: They have sloping planes to their roof lines, which looks astonishing when finished to a high standard.

  • Recessed Dormer: They have an elegant and slim design that is a great choice for smaller roof lines and classical style properties.

You can find more details of each type on their website and then choose the one that best suits you.

About Loft My Pad Company

Loft My Pad is a professional and trustworthy home development and design company, which is in this business for about 30 years and also a member of The Consumer Protection Association (CPA).  They have a strong reputation as qualified and skillful builders that make their work stand out.

The company’s aim is to provide a quality experience to all their clients by working within their budget. They have a number of loft extension and conversion specialists in their team who provide:

  • Home Extensions

  • Loft Conversions

  • Side Dormers

  • Custom Staircases

  • Kitchen Designs

  • Bathroom Designs

  • Custom Loft Furniture

  • Velux Windows and much more.

To know more about them and their services you can also visit their website

http://Loft My Pad


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